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Our highly professional team are experts at navigating the legalities  of business start-up, and thanks to our strong relationships with the  relevant government authorities and our years of expertise, we can have  you ready to work within hours.


At Best Vision Business Center, we have extensive local contacts and can provide you with instant, effortless sponsorship under our own trusted sponsor.


Setting up your company can often seem like an overwhelming task, full of legalities, paperwork and lengthy procedures. The key is to find a legal team that offers trusted licensing, sponsoring, and partner sourcing services. They take all the hassle out of the start-up process, negotiating and completing all necessary legal paperwork.

Best Vision Business Center is a global network of professional business centers. We take pride with our highly professional legal team  which can provide clients hassle free legal process. With years of expertise and strong relationships with the relevant government authorities, we can have you legally ready to work within hours.

  • We negotiate and complete all necessary legal paperwork.
  • We can handle and issue freezone & non-freezone.
  • Expect a rapid business set up.


While our own sponsorship provides excellent legal cover, we know  there are times that you may want a partner who can invest in or take a  more proactive role in your business. Indeed, a top associate can be  vital to the future success of your company. Finding the right people  might seem like a challenge, but rest assured, at Best Vision Business  Center, we take care of it all. Thanks to our years of expertise, market  research and excellent relationships within the region, we can source  you the perfect partner who shares your business vision.

  • Helping you connect with the right business partner
  • Excellent knowledge of local laws and great government relationships
  • Handling all necessary legal paperwork
  • Additional access to personal assistant services should you require
  • Professional meeting rooms available to meet with prospective partners


We know that fast, reliable connectivity is a must for every  business. That is why our state of the art IT and telecommunications  services are maintained around the clock by our dedicated, onsite IT  team. Need extra support or additional services? Our team are always on  hand to deal with any challenges.

  • All calls to you are answered in the name of your company and redirected on request
  • Individual switchboard number
  • Extension number for each staff member
  • Manage your call answering and transfers via ABC online
  • Voice mail facilities
  • Audio-conferencing facility on your handset
  • Receive and make cost effective calls with global voice, video and data network


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve probably got your hands full just to keep the business running. Don’t seem to have the time to answer voicemails? Got your schedule and appointments mixed up?

A personal assistant will be a great addition to your team, to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

If you’re operating your business in Dubai, highly talented personal assistants can be found in one place – Best Vision Business Center. This is one of the benefits that come with being our client. We offer a wide range of highly flexible business solutions for many entrepreneurs.

One  of the best things about our services is that you pay only for what you want, as and when you need it. Our multilingual, highly talented PAs (Personal Assistants) are ready to step in to support you and your business.

  • You only pay for the time you use the services and for the services you need
  • You do not have any kind of overheads and save significantly


Language still remains a challenge for businesses to reach a larger audience. Translation services can help bridge the gap by enabling businesses to communicate effectively. It is the key to expanding your business globally.

Best Vision Business Center understands the importance of getting your message across quickly and precisely. We offer a wide range of highly flexible business solutions for many entrepreneurs.

Best Vision Business Center, we can speak your language and offer first class translation services through our trusted team of highly experienced translators. If you need a translator in Dubai for your corporate material and presentations to proposals, you can find the best here.

  • Translating legal or non-legal documentation for businesses and individuals.
  • Translating content on your website into various languages.
  • Translating technical manuals, product brochures, and other technical documentation.


At Best Vision Business Center, we are passionate about making your working life easier.

We offer a wealth of outsource services, from  secretarial and administration to personal assistants, legal advice and  PRO support, leaving you free to devote more time to growing your business. Simply choose and pay for the support that you require, and our highly professional and experienced team will provide you with the highest standards of service.


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We  work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients business space to achieve their best visions.